Introducing PEAK: What is it and how will it benefit you?

Our chapter has taken the concept of the Early Careerist program, and broadened it to meet the needs of our Northern California members. The PEAK program is a resource to anyone who is looking to advance and enrich their careers regardless of age, number of years in the business, or job title.

In March 2016, we had our Spring Conference event that was a blast! Member participation in our Career Advancement survey was key to the success of the Family Feud game, as it made the game that much more authentic and fun! In addition, our evening consisted of small group discussion and networking. Professional relationships were born and the PEAK program was formed with a new name and clearer vision.

We welcome anyone looking to participate, whether that be in one event or throughout the year. We strive to provide insight into constantly evolving professionalism. We work towards engagement between mentors and mentees, colleagues, and teams. We push for achievement of professional and personal goals and we seek knowledge, garnered through group discussion, learning from others, practicing leadership and working together.

Would you like to be a PEAK Mentor or participate as a Mentee?

The PEAK program is designed to offer resources and inspiration to those who are on their career journey in the Healthcare Industry. Through Professionalism, Engagement, Achievement and Knowledge, we provide access to a variety of learning tools, including mentors! If you know of anyone who would benefit from being a part of this program, either as a Mentor, or looking for career-enriching resources, please refer them to our PEAK program. Contact Aubrey Straub, Team Leader, at

Upcoming PEAK Events