Region 11 Webinar – Using Technology to Improve Patient Financial Outcomes

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  • August 15, 2018
  • 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Online Webinar, PDT

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Using Technology to Improve Patient Financial Outcomes

When patients need hospital care, their ability to pay should not be their primary concern. Yet, rising health care costs, economic conditions, employment issues, and an increasingly complex range of payment options make health care expenses one of the most challenging issues faced by patients.
Engaging with patients at the onset of their hospital experience allows the provider to quickly diagnose the optimum pathway or segmentation for the most successful outcome which not only involves account resolution but also a great patient experience. By leveraging patient segmentation beyond propensity-to-pay will allow a hospital to create tailored solutions for a particular patient group that they can embrace.

• Develop segmentation framework that enables understanding, measuring, and predicting of consumer health care behavior
• Establish integration models that promote accountability for patient populations
• Move beyond propensity-to-pay when segmenting patients
• Increase cash collections while improving patient experience
• Utilize patient segmentation to reduce costs in your revenue cycle

Aimee Newson, Senior Director for Patient Eligibility, nThrive 

Aimee leads operations for eligibility services for multiple clients/hospitals across six states. Prior to this role, she was managing patient eligibility services at Adreima for acute care hospitals, which included responsibility for a CBO. Aimee has in-depth knowledge of eligibility requirements, at both State and Federal levels, and extensive experience in providing access to care to healthcare providers’ most vulnerable community members. She has the insight needed to understand and navigate the complexities of eligibility services as its delivery changes in the healthcare industry.
Passionate about providing care for those in need, Aimee has partnered with case managers, clinical staff, and other professionals for the last seventeen years to ensure that patients receive their entitled coverage. Aimee joined the Nevada chapter of HFMA in 2012.

Nicole Thomas, Patient Access Director on the National Sales Strategy team, nThrive.

Nicole serves as a subject matter expert and is responsible for supporting both the Commercial Organization and Patient Access Service Delivery Teams in expanding nThrive’s national footprint and strengthening the Patient Access Services solutions.

Prior to nThrive, she served as a Vice President of Operations for an emergency communications company with a focus on business continuity for healthcare systems for two years. She is successful leader with 18 years of progressive experience in healthcare, technology, account management, and sales.

During Nicole’s 13-year tenure, she has managed the highest performing accounts and led the operations in the Southeast. She has provided the overall direction and support to multiple clients and product lines with over $15 million in revenues. Nicole’s in-depth knowledge of Medicaid eligibility requirements at both state and federal levels and her extensive experience in working with health care providers to improve access to care for their most vulnerable community members give her the insight needed to understand and navigate the complexities of eligibility services as its delivery changes in the health care industry