Message from 2018-2019 HFMA Northern California President, Ramona Hernandez

As my 2018/2019 year of Presidency comes to a close, I can’t help but look back at our Chapter’s year – and it is nothing short of amazing.

In all honesty, our Chapter went through many changes. All of which were done with the knowledge of trying to do what’s ultimately best for our Chapter. Pushing transparency, collaboration, and Membership engagement.

There were steep challenges and situations we were faced with that I feel would have slowed our progression a great deal had it not been for our Leadership and key personnel. Specifically to our Chapter’s new on-boarding management company, DeMarse Meeting & Events team.

Our Chapter braced itself for possible losses, however DeMarse swooped in to turn around  and save the day. Resulting instead, in efficiency and equitable processes of success.

Our Chapter experienced so many triumphs amid tribulations, and in such a short amount of time. For instance, our very successful 2018 Spring Conference where we saw an upwards of over 300 registered attendees; Our 2018 Women’s Event where our Chapter witnessed its first year of higher profit margins; Our Baseball Game Day Event, where we sold out of tickets before they were officially for sale, and then selling out again within 3 weeks; And especially when we surveyed our Membership about various aspects of our Chapter the past year, our Membership gave us an overall rating of over 80% satisfaction! It’s results like these that lets us know we’re doing right by our Membership and our continued succession plan of Transparency, Collaboration, and Membership Engagement, and that its working.

All this wonderful success snowballed to our 2019/2020 year, and there’s no stopping it! These amazing accomplishments are only because of our Chapter Leadership Chairs, Board of Directors, Executive Team, and especially our Membership.

Our Executive Team: Incoming President, Wende Weckbacher, Incoming President-Elect Bob Keith, Incoming Treasurer, Deborah Knight, and Incoming Secretary, Mike Allen; Know that you were hand picked, and then supported by the votes of our Membership. You truly show what it means to be a leader. You came not just in support, not just to lead, but to work together as a team. Ensuring our future success. We’re all busy, but being able to miraculously carve out that time to stay committed to our Chapter’s future success is what makes you so incredible. We are so very grateful that you have agreed to undertake this Executive Leadership path with our Chapter.

It was such an honor to be the HFMA Northern California Chapter President this past year. And I am so very proud of our Chapter. We are pioneers in so many aspects. Which means we are a chapter of Leaders, and it definitely shows.

I would like to wish Wende Weckbacher a warm welcome as your new 2019/2020 Chapter President. She is a phenomenal leader, mentor, and friend. And I am thrilled for our Chapter to have her continue to lead us on this path of betterment and success!

I am also excited and humbled to take on the new role as the HFMA Region 11 Executive (RE3), and look forward to building on this HFMA Progressive Movement Track we’re all on.

Thank you so much for allowing me to lead with you, we really are the Best of the Best.

“Coming Together is a Beginning. Keeping Together is Progress. Working Together is Success.” – Henry Ford

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